Menumatic is the first fully automatic cup noodle vending machine manufacturer in the market. Our company is the first company dedicated to produce machines that can sale dried products in cup such as Noodle, Rice, Pasta, Mash potatoes, Oats and Mills. These products are becoming more and more popular everyday in our journey and they are convenient for those people that have not time and they need a hot food meal ready on spot.

Menumatic also may develope other kind of machines on demand that can not be done by standard vending manufacturers in the market, so let us know what is your demand, you idea or your need, and we will make it true. Our machines are suitable for most of the top food in cup manufacturers in the market and our machine is the perfect complement for those vending spots that need to deliver hot food such as Hospitals, Universities, Schools, Factories, Military facilities, or any other place where hot food is needed.

Menumatic is a full developer company. We design our equipments, we also produce and aseemble them assuring high quality control in all our machines this is why we can develope your idea and make all the process, keylock projects, for your satisfaction.

Our engineers design hardware and software that further is totally tested in our machines and allow us to be felxible in order to customize machines according customers needs or requeriments of destination countries this way we can make our machines compatibles with your systems because we handle all protocols in the market.